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When (for whatever reason — exhaustion, overwhelm-ment, a bad case of the howling fantods at the fact that this is last Wallace book we’ll ever have) you can’t read another page of TPK, consider reading some of these to get re-motivated. I’ve split them into sections for the spoiler-averse.

Did I miss anything? Do let us know!

Articles about DFW
The Unfinished: David Foster Wallace’s struggle to surpass Infinite Jest

From the Mixed-Up Files of David Foster Wallace: Newsweek’s Seth Colter Walls tours the DFW archives at the University of Texas at Austin.

Inside David Foster Wallace’s Private Self-Help Library: Maria Bustillos’ incredible article on DFW’s private papers for The Awl.

"David Foster Wallace’s suicide turned him into a ‘celebrity writer dude,’ which would have made him wince": An interview with Karen Green, Wallace’s widow.

Farther Away: You have to buy it on the New Yorker’s website, but here is Jonathan Franzen’s article on mourning DFW’s death.

Articles about and Reviews of The Pale King (beware of spoiler-ing!)
Too Much Information: The always-excellent John Jeremiah Sullivan reviews the book for GQ.

Maximized Revenue, Minimized Existence: Michiko Kakutani’s review for the New York Times.

The Last Audit: Tom McCarthy chimes in on the book for the NYT as well.

David Foster Wallace Wrote Two Novels, and The Pale King is Not One of Them: A post from Tom Scocca’s Slate blog on the unfinished nature of TPK.

The David Foster Wallace Generation: A roundtable discussion of TPK, headed by Seth Colter Walls.

Divine Drudgery: A long piece in the New York Review of Books that ties together several of DFW’s books.

From Boing Boing, a footnoted review.

And for all the book reviews you could ever want, The Howling Fantods! website has you covered.

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